De Bruyne says Man City did something vs Burnley, he didn’t agree with

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Kevin De Bruyne has made an interesting admission after Man City made light work of Burnley in their latest 3-1 triumph.

As Man City pulled off a smooth set-piece routine that led to Julian Alvarez doubling their lead against Burnley,

the Belgian admitted that he was oppose to being a part of it initially.

Ultimately, De Bruyne was able to add to his assist tally,

Which currently sits at two in the Premier League despite him just playing 115 minutes of Premier League football this season.

Pep Guardiola was visibly delighted after the goal, which was extremely well-worked

As the Sky Blues managed to score in back-to-back games from a set-piece.

Man City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne says he didn’t really want to do something in game against Burnley

However, Kevin De Bruyne admitted he was not particularly interest in being a part of the routine after Man City beat Burnley.

“Yesterday, we worked a bit on it. In the beginning, I didn’t really want to do it. But the guy who was with Julian [Alvarez] moved into the middle a bit. So, he opened space to go into. I just had to put it straight with the right speed and then Julian does the rest”, he told TNT Sports.

One remains unaware of why Kevin De Bruyne was reluctant about the set-piece routine

As it ended up working wonders for Man City against Burnley.

Perhaps De Bruyne felt putting a ball into the box from the free-kick had a higher possibility of leading to a goal for City.

Or the midfield maestro could have simply felt the set-piece routine did not have much of a chance of resulting in a goal in the first place.

But as Kevin De Bruyne explained, once he spotted Wilson Odobert in front of Julian Alvarez,

He decided to slot the ball into the Argentine’s path, who did what he does best.

Perhaps going forward, the 32-year-old will be more open to executing such a set-piece routine in a game as it has proven to be successful.

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