Darren Bent says £30m Arsenal star lacks pace


Darren Bent has said that £30m Arsenal midfielder lacks pace. I am ot saying he is slow, he says.

Arsenal, now among the Premier League and Europe’s elite, still have a journey ahead to win a major trophy and prove their worth. At the core of Arsenal’s ascent under Mikel Arteta stands , despite Darren Bent identifying flaws in his game.

Speaking to talkSPORT, the ex-striker pointed out the Arsenal captain’s lack of pace and ease of being dispossessed. However, compensates with swift mental acuity and superior technical skills. This shone through when Arsenal ousted Porto from the Champions League on Tuesday night, thanks to a penalty shootout.

Martin Odegaard delivered a ‘world-class’ assist that took the match to extra time, and then he initiated the penalty shootout victory by converting the first penalty.

Darren Bent : “He’s a highly intelligent player.”

Discussing Martin Odegaard’s shortcomings, Bent remarked,

He’s sufficiently fast, not a speedster, but not the slowest either. He might lose strength battles, but his intelligence compensates for it. He cleverly positions his body to retain possession, especially when under pressure. He’s a highly intelligent player.”

Arsenal’s journey to the trophy began when Odegaard moved from Real Madrid on loan, later becoming a permanent £30 million signing in 2021. At that time, Arsenal was striving to re-enter the Champions League under Arteta’s leadership.

Fast forward, and the team now stands a solid chance to clinch the grand trophies, offering fans the Premier League title or the Champions League, both of which they eagerly desire. The belief is strong that Arsenal will triumph this season, overcoming the previous campaign’s disappointments.

like it when he gets the ball, someone’s tight to him, he just moves his body, moves his body and then moves it again off the line. A really intelligent footballer.”

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