Chiesa may consider joining Liverpool if the club shows interest

Federico Chiesa

Reports indicate that Federico Chiesa, the Juventus winger, has been turning down offers from Newcastle United and Aston Villa. Liverpool is reportedly showing interest. Chiesa moved to Juventus from Fiorentina in October 2020 on a €12.6 million initial loan deal. That became permanent for a sum of €43.6 million in 2022.

His outstanding performances for both Juventus and the Italian national team solidified his position as one of the top wingers globally. Yet, numerous injuries severely impeded his advancement.

Since the beginning of the 2022/23 season, Chiesa has sat out 27 matches due to 12 separate injuries. This doesn’t include the 269 days he was in the sidelines due to his cruciate ligament injury in January 2022.

Before the injury, rumors swirled about a £100 million move to the Premier League. Although the chatter persists, it has notably diminished. Liverpool showed the most interest initially and showed interest, but his price tag is going be significantly lower if he departs Juventus.

Will Chiesa entertain a move to Liverpool?

Tuttosport suggests a transfer to Anfield is less probable as Jurgen Klopp’s departure looms. Additionally, Chiesa has rebuffed offers from Aston Villa and Newcastle United.

The report further indicates that Chiesa has declined offers from clubs in the Middle East, displaying no inclination towards a move to Saudi Arabia. Clearly, money isn’t his driving force; he’s keen for Juventus to extend his contract beyond 2025.

Despite Aston Villa and Newcastle United having significant financial resources, they’re not on the radar of Chiesa because they’re not part of European football’s elite. However, the situation could change if Liverpool, with their rich European history and current Premier League title challenge, showed interest in signing him.

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