Chelsea to Get New Owner; Who could be Abramovich’s Successor?

Chelsea Fofana

Recently Russia vs Ukraine war has affected the whole world vividly. Football World is also not exceptional. European football got affected a lot. One of them resulted in the resignation of Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich.

Now in the business end of the league, it has also become a matter of interest to the football lovers who could be their new owner besides big transfer updates.

Recently the takeover process has been in a huge twist as only 3 possible viable groups are there to take the ownership. They are Sir Broughton, Todd Bodhoy and Steve Pagliuca.

Most interestingly one of the top contenders to take the ownership, the Ricketts family dropped out. There have been many protests both on social media and offline to keep the Ricketts family abstaining from taking ownership. Even Thomas Tuchel also admitted that they have to face the consequences of their action.

But later they have withdrawn their bid. Chelsea boss Tuchel was questioned about what he knows regarding the same issue. He replied, “To be honest, no. It’s still a process. I heard talks are still ongoing with the government. I am still not involved, which I am glad about, I have to say because we have a lot to focus on here.”

He also added, “That is where our focus goes. Like I said with the first answer, I hope things will be sorted out as soon as possible to have clarity but I understand it is not that easy,”

Later the Chicago Cubs owners have released a statement that is,” The Ricketts-Griffin-Gilbert group has decided after careful consideration not to submit a final bid for Chelsea Fc. In the process of finalising the proposal, it became increasingly clear that certain issues could not be addressed given the unusual dynamics around the sales process.

It’s been confirmed that Broughton, Boehly and Pagliuca have all entered their bids to become the next owner of the Blues without any issue. A decision as to which bid will be taken forward as the preferred choice is expected to come next week.

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