Chelsea and Liverpool planning to steal each other’s transfer target


There is surely a war going on between Chelsea and Liverpool supporters as both of them are trying to pursue each other’s target.

With the reports of Chelsea signing Endo Fernandez, Liverpool fans were surely disappointed as their key signing was looking unlikely.

However, The Reds may finally have their revenge as Liverpool are the favorites to steal Chelsea’s target.

According to the reports, Liverpool have forced Chelsea to back out of Bellingham’s signing. The Athletic reported that Chelsea would still love to sign Jude but Liverpool seems to be the favorite.

Jude Bellingham will be the most in-demand player during the summer window. Teams like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool will try to sign the youngster.

Chelsea somehow has accepted that they cannot sign him so they are trying their best to sign the alternate option Endo Fernandez.

The main reason why Liverpool seems to be the favorite is because of the work they are putting into this deal for years. Now seems the perfect time for the Reds to sign Jude and no team seems to be able to beat them.

Endo over Jude?

Chelsea somehow is aware of this fact and only considers it a waste of time to try and pursue Jude Bellingham. Although the case won’t be the same with Endo as he joined Benfica only last summer and bringing him to Stamford Bridge would be easier but expensive.

There is still no guarantee that Jude will go to Anfield as Manchester city may come out as a surprise. Maybe Jude will prefer La Liga over Premier League and can go to Real Madrid.

There is no doubt that the whole Bellingham saga would be interesting and the team to finally get on the top of this saga will have a guaranteed quality midfielder in their squad.

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