Bukayo Saka becomes the main topic of discussion among pundits


Ian Wright has responded to Rio Ferdinand’s comments on Bukayo Saka, stating that the Arsenal player isn’t yet considered world-class. However, Saka, currently in exceptional form, has netted seven goals in his last five Premier League matches at just 22 years old.

Saka’s recent performance undeniably meets world-class standards. However, Rio Ferdinand believes Saka is still not at that elite level yet.

It’s worth mentioning that Saka hasn’t had the opportunity to showcase his abilities in the knockout stages of European competitions. Additionally, Arsenal is still relatively new to contention in the Premier League title race.

What did Ian Wright say about Bukayo Saka?

However, on Wrighty’s House, Ian Wright criticized Ferdinand for sparking an unnecessary debate, especially on a subjective topic.

Wright said:

“You know the whole thing about it, when Rio said it, it feels very clickbaity, very banal. It’s so subjective. It’s just one of those it’s just about clicks in saying something like that. Because I can’t imagine what Bukayo Saka would have gone through, because let me tell you something for a fact that will happen, he will have seen it, he will have heard it and they will have had to deal with it.”

The extensive discussion surrounding Saka’s world-class status following Ferdinand’s remarks is noteworthy. One might argue that Ferdinand deliberately provoked this debate on his own channel.

It’s reasonable to suggest that it’s premature to label Saka as world-class. However, one can’t dismiss those who believe he belongs in that category. While he might not be considered world-class just yet, Saka is certainly progressing rapidly towards that status.

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