BBC pundit says Arsenal player Martinelli is stronger than people realise

David Ornstein

Arsenal got the better of Liverpool over the weekend, and the man of the hour was Gabriel Martinelli.

The Brazilian scored what was ultimately a decisive goal to put the Gunners 2-1 up against the Reds, and while the goal was via a huge mistake at the back, Martinelli did play his part to perfection.

Indeed, while it looked as though it was just a case of miscommunication between Alisson and Virgil van Dijk,

Gabriel Martinelli actually impacted the play with a little nudge, sending Van Dijk ever so slightly off balance.

Speaking on the BBC Radio Five Live Football Daily Podcast, Nedum Onuoha has been discussing this incident

And he’s highlighted Martinelli’s strength as an underrated aspect of his game.

Everybody underestimate Arsenal winger Martinelli’s strength

The pundit shared his verdict on the Arsenal £6m man.

“There was a nudge, but listening to the interview Van Dijk did after the game,

He was clear about the mistakes he made, and he knows himself he needs to be stronger.

I play five or 11 a side still socially, and some of the people who are perceived to be really weak in pro football would be the strongest in these sides.

Martinelli, he is effective, he nudged Van Dijk just enough to make a difference,

It’s not that Van Dijk is bigger so he leaves it alone, he went to go and create chaos.

Credit to Martinelli, his pace scares people, but he also has the strength and he doesn’t get pushed over most of the time,” Onuoha said.

Martinelli isn’t the strongest player in the Premier League by any stretch of the imagination,

But he’s very smart in how he uses his body.

Indeed, strength on the football pitch isn’t just about how big you are and how much you can lift,

It’s about how you shift your weight and how you use your body.

Martinelli is a master when it comes to putting himself about smartly,

And, at the weekend, that attribute bought him a goal and a huge win for Arsenal.

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