Aston Villa are keen to have Eriksen in their Squad


The upcoming summer transfer window is going to be most interesting as many stalwarts of modern football are looking to have a potential transfer move from one club to another.

This transfer window can include many superstars like – Mbappe, Haaland, Lewandowski, Harry Kane and also Christian Eriksen’.

When we talk about Cristian Eriksen, it’s not about mere watching or loving the game, but somewhere all the football supporters become telepathically United and our empathy stands beside him.

After getting collapsed on the turf, none expected him to come back. But with a strong mental desire, he returned to the field and his idiosyncrasy has shown us how much resilient he could be.

And this was not a mere comeback. Inter Milan terminated his contract the then he had gone through cardiac surgery but Eriksen came back and scored goals in back to back matches both for his team and country.

The Danish army’s captain has shown us that his playmaking capabilities can put a huge impact on the field. He has goal-scoring capabilities too. Thus the current Brentford playmaker has become the centre of attraction in the upcoming transfer window.

Being refused from Inter Milan, he joined Brentford with a short contract and it is going to end within a few months. Big clubs like Crystal Palace, West Ham, Everton, and Newcastle all are looking to land him. His old club Tottenham are reportedly also interested.

Eventually, he has over 300 appearances for Tottenham. But it’s Aston Villa and their manager Steven Gerrard, one of the living legends of British football eagerly wants him in their squad.

Villa is looking to add more quality to their side. They have already bought Coutinho from Barca on loan. Eriksen is now 30 years old and he can continue at least 3 to 4 years more at his best.

He is in the brilliant form currently and according to one of the coaches, he is just beneath the level of Messi and Ronaldo. His Aston Villa move may turn out to be gold in his career.

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