Arsenal will need to pay a hefty amount to Juventus for Yildiz


There are new reports on probable €40m bidding amount of Arsenal for Kenan Yildiz from Juventus. Juventus promptly rejected the offer for the rising Turkish star. Since, he has been shining in Turin with his recent performances.

Although he was considered among the few unsellable players, it’s common knowledge that money holds sway in Italy. Bianconera News sheds light on the potential amount Arsenal might need to secure a transfer.

Arsenal aim to act swiftly to outpace rivals, including other Premier League clubs. However, Juventus recognizes Yildiz’s talent and won’t sell him cheaply as it generates minimum profit for them.

Bianconera News suggests Juventus would entertain a sale for €60m. This would significantly benefit their finances.

Will Arsenal go for the youngster Yildiz and take the gamble?

Selling Yildiz for that sum, whether to Arsenal or another club, would enable Juventus to pursue their own ambitions. That is without concerns about facing the youngster in the future.

Hence, Arsenal are now aware of the required amount, but it’s uncertain if they’re willing to invest heavily in an 18-year-old with limited professional experience—just 18 appearances and three goals.

Meanwhile, talking about group standing, Arsenal sits in third position. They are just one point short of 2nd place City and two points short of 1st place Liverpool. The title race seems to be on fire as of now. With Arsenal’s current form , it won’t be surprising if they get to the top very soon.

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