Arsenal to have huge advantage against Bayern Munich because of this


Bayern Munich will NOT have any away fans at the Emirates for the first leg. Having received a Uefa one-match ban earlier this week for fan trouble. During their 1-0 first leg defeat away at Lazio in the last-16, travelling Bayern fans threw fireworks onto the pitch.

They As well as a £30k fine – for an identical incident in the group stages at Copenhagen in October.

Uefa were left with no choice but to impose the ban. This leaves Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal with a massive chance to take advantage in their first leg. With a semi-final against either Real Madrid or Manchester City on the horizon

No Away fans Advantage for Arsenal

In the upcoming Champions League quarter-final, Arsenal will face Bayern Munich. This match-up is exciting because of the teams’ history in the competition. Gunners gains a significant advantage. As Bayern Munich will not have the support of their fans at the Emirates Stadium for the first leg.

The match is all set to take place on 9/10 April . UEFA has banned Bayern’s fans from this game because they threw fireworks onto the pitch during a previous match at Lazio.

After a similar incident in Copenhagen last October, UEFA had already given Bayern a suspended ban and a €40,000 fine. Bayern Munich’s CEO, Jan-Christian Dreesen, has stated that the club accepts the punishment.

He emphasized the seriousness of the situation. Noting that the fireworks were not only set off but also aimed onto the field, putting people at risk.

Bayern confirmed that they would not be appealing the punishment. “We have to accept this punishment,” said CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen. “Not only were pyrotechnics set off, but also fired deliberately onto the field, directly endangering bystanders.

It can affect the result of the game.

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