Arsenal player talks about a change in the team which was new to him


Arsenal defender Kieran Tierney has discussed a change at the Emirates. This could have eventually contributed to his departure this season. Tierney went on loan spell at Real Sociedad, where he has delivered strong performances despite facing some injury setbacks.

Tierney is presently in the sidelines with a hamstring problem. Thus, adding to his string of injury setbacks during his time in Arsenal. However, despite this, 26-year-old Tierney still has two more years left for the Gunners which expires in the summer of 2026.

Given the defender’s commanding performances on Europe’s grandest stages at times, Arsenal could potentially secure a substantial fee if they decide to sell him this summer. Nevertheless, it comes as a surprise with Tierney, once considered a future Arsenal captain, now deemed surplus to first-team requirements.

Tierney gradually lost his position as Arsenal changed their approach

When Arteta initially joined the club, Tierney played a heavy role, charging down the wing. And thus playing a significant part in securing results for Arsenal. During a certain phase of Arteta’s tenure, it almost seemed as though the Scot was the standout performer.

But by time, Arsenal’s tactical approach evolved. There appeared to be no specific role for Tierney in the system. Tierney said: “At Arsenal the left-back can be one of the most central players in the team. If it’s Oleksandr Zinchenko then he is one of the biggest creators from a central position.”

“When that got introduced it was alien to me. I have never played centre midfield, I started as a winger, I was trying to learn that when I was at Arsenal. When you see how well it works it is hard to question it. My choice was to just get on with it and learn and I got to practise it with one of the best. It’s so natural to Zinchenko, he makes it look so easy.”

Regardless, Tierney will forever hold a cherished place in the hearts of Arsenal fans, revered for his wholehearted dedication on the pitch. Nevertheless, presently, there’s another player in Arteta’s starting eleven demonstrating similar resilience despite battling injuries.

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