Arsenal player Ramsdale talked about his manager Arteta to Kalvin Phillips

Ramsdale Martinelli interviews ESPN

Aaron Ramsdale, following his move to Arsenal, reportedly conveyed to Kalvin Phillips the notable contrast in working under Mikel Arteta. Phillips, who has been facing challenges under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City since his move from Leeds United in 2022, is now ready for a loan transfer to West Ham.

With only 16 Premier League appearances in the last two seasons, there’s been criticism of Phillips’ time at Manchester City. With many deeming the midfielder’s move a regrettable decision.

Reportedly, Phillips confided in Ramsdale of Arsenal about the distinct managerial approach under Guardiola compared to other coaches. Ramsdale, after experiencing a similar contrast under Arteta at Arsenal, shared insights with Phillips, as per the Daily Mail.

After serving as Guardiola’s assistant at City, Arteta is emerging as one of the most promising young managers in world football at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal manager has his own way of managing the team

Arteta’s coaching methods are necessary to require time, as indicated by Ramsdale’s remarks to Phillips. The suggestion is that high-quality managers, such as Arteta, need an adjustment period.

Arsenal manager Arteta’s coaching style and methods at the training ground are under proper discipline. Thus, showcasing his transformative impact on the north London club. Although Ramsdale’s remarks might imply struggles in adapting to Arteta’s approach, the reality likely differs.

Although the England international is presently not in the starting lineup, Ramsdale has been among Arsenal’s top performers in recent seasons. Thus, standing out as one of Arteta’s notable signings. Arteta’s training approach appears promising. Thus, indicating his ability to eventually align players with his ideas over time, a positive prospect for Arsenal fans.

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