Arsenal are disappointed about disallowed goal

Florian Grillitsch

It was really a heart-rending news for gunners as they suffered an important crucial defeat against Brighton in their EPL home game.

It was a must win match for the gunners as they want to remain in the top 4 of EPL to directly qualify for next year’s UEFA Champions League. But their hope got under debris as the Albions secured a brilliant 2-1 win against the emirates.

Current position of Arsenal in league

After their 3-0 loss against Crystal Palace, it was a momentous match for them against Brighton. They before Brighton match was at 54 points from 29 games and their nearest contender of 4th place, the Spurs were also at the same number of points in 30 matches.

That shows, it was really an advantageous position for Arsenal as a single win could have given them a 3 point lead. But they missed their golden opportunity and are now in a very troublesome position.

The most painful moment for the gunner’s fans was when the referee denied their Brazilian striker Gabriel Martinelli’s goal after a VAR review, it was a header from the striker and it crossed the goal line. Referee took the help of VAR and then after a 4 minute long check up he disallowed the goal.

This really infuriated the fans. The question is why referee took so much time to check it, Mangers Potter and Arteta explained the whole process to be very slow. Gary Linekar also agreed with them. The VAR check included if opponent goalkeeper was fouled or if Veltman conceded a handball or if it was a offside case.

Former referee Hadley told, “I know there were other questions in there too- was there a foul? Did it come off a Brighton defender? But it should not be taking 4 or 5 minutes to make that call.”

He also added ,“That’s what frustrates everybody, the length of time taken. If you are looking at it for that long then may be there’s an argument it should just be a goal. It might make sense to introduce a time limit on these decision making processes, because otherwise it can go on. You can find whatever you want to find it an incident when you take that long.”

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