Allan Shearer Spots Key Difference Between Arteta and Postecoglou


Allan Shearer has compared the two North London boses.The North London spotlight is shining brightly this season, not just because of the rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham. But also due to the contrasting styles of their managers Mikel Arteta and Ange Postecoglou.

Both have earned plaudits for their respective teams’ performances. Arteta has propelled Arsenal back into the Premier League title race, while Postecoglou has Tottenham challenging for a coveted top-four finish.

On the pitch, there are clear similarities. Both managers advocate for attacking, high-pressing football, stifling opponents and taking control of the game. However, according to Alan Shearer, a stark difference emerges when you look to the sidelines.

Allan Shearer: They both are different

Shearer, however, has identified a key difference between the two managers that transcends tactics: their touchline behaviour. In his recent column for The Athletic. Shearer pointed out that Mikel Arteta is a much more “demonstrative” figure on the sidelines compared to his North London counterpart.

Ange Postecoglou. He even included Newcastle United’s Eddie Howe in the comparison, noting that all three managers actively engage with the game but in vastly different ways.

Shearer elaborates that Arteta is a very “front and centre” manager. Meaning he wears his emotions on his sleeve and actively communicates with his players and the officials throughout the match. This approach can be seen as a way to motivate his team. And maintain control over the flow of the game.

Neither Postecoglou nor Howe are demonstrative — quite the opposite — but they rarely budge from their technical areas. It is not a coincidence. As leaders, they put themselves in front of the shop, there to protect their players and soak up any flak.

As for Postecoglou, it’s rare to see the Aussie become animated on the touchline. He often provides a cool head in the dugout, even when things aren’t exactly going Tottenham’s way.

Whether or not Postecoglou’s approach is more beneficial to his players is up for debate.

Arteta’s Arsenal side are going well at the moment and his passion certainly rubs off on his players. I don’t think there should be any debate about celebrations anymore.

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