Say no to Racism: Fan arrested after being found guilty in racially abusing Rio Ferdinand.

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Racism has no place in world. Be it a football field or anywhere, we should always say no to Racism. We have been already witnessing Racial abuses since past few years. This has adverse effects on the morale of the player who’s being abused. Moreover, this sets a bad example for the upcoming generations.

The incident happened when Rio Ferdinand was working as a pundit for BT sports. This has happened in the match between Manchester United and Wolverhampton in 2021.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has given its statement on the matter. They’re done with their investigation on the 33 year old English fan.

“He has been found using derogatory remarks and hand gestures on the former Reds defender.” – CPS said.

Furthermore, they have made it clear that he’s going to be sentenced in December.

The former Manchester United man has his say on the matter as well.

Today, the guy who racially abused me has been punished by the court. Racism can only be removed if we work together against it.” – He said.

Ferdinand appeals to fans that they should Say no to Racism.

According to Eurosport, many people have come to provide evidence against the alleged fan on the matter. This includes the fans, the stewards and cameramen as well. Moreover, according to one of the stewards, the fan has been seen making signs to the former player over CCTV.

Rio Ferdinand has expressed his gratitude towards all his supporters. He believes times like these are a havoc in anyone’s life. This should be treated with utmost care and importance.

However, this is not the first incident of its kind. It is only going to be eradicated only and only if we stand together against it.

Although it is a pretty challenging task. But it needs to be talked about at a much larger level.

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