Robbie Fowler breaks silence on him being sacked by Saudi club.

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Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler was appointed the head coach of a 2nd tier Saudi club Al Qadsiah. He was having a good time there. Under him, the club were sitting in the 2nd position in the points table. Moreover, they had an unbeaten start to their campaign. The former Reds legend was taking the team to new heights. He could’ve won the league for them . However, there were other plans. Fowler was sacked by the club. To put an end to any rumors stating his relation with the club, Robbie Fowler breaks silence on him being sacked so early.

Fowler’s early exit has made people think that why the legend was sacked despite being one of the best managers in his debut season. The legend hopes that he can further get the justification about why he was sacked by the Saudi side. Although he has left the club, there can be a possibility that he may be in contact with some other clubs as well.

Praises start coming as Robbie Fowler breaks silence.

According to liverpoolworld, Robbie Fowler posted a photo on Twitter (X) holding Peru shirt belonging to Al Qadsiah forward André Carrillo’s name on the back.

“Thanks for your gift Andre, it’s been a player managing you. I don’t have any idea how it ended this way. Hopefully I can speak about it when it’s time to do so. – Robbie Fowler said.

After his post, people began remembering how good of a striker Robbie Fowler was. He was a complete nightmare for the defenders, scoring goals out of nowhere. He always kept the fans at their feet. Moreover, the Reds legend has experience in managing clubs in other parts of the world as well. Fowler has been the manager of Australian league club Brisbane roar. Post that, he went to India to manage East Bengal Sc. And after that he ventured out on his journey in the middle East as a manager.

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