New addition to Bernabeu: rumours arise as Man City player is offered to Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid have a history of spotting and nourishing bright superstars. From Cristiano Ronaldo to Casemiro, from Toni Kroos to their latest superstar, Judge Bellingham. The Los Blancos have one of the best midfield in the world. Moreover, all of their present day scenario seems like they’re going to win the Spanish league this time. With players like Federico Valverde and Jude Bellingham in the mid line, thier future looks promising. However, a new addition to Bernabeu is being talked about these days. Former Leeds United midfielder, Kavin Philips is in news these days. As the rumors have it, the Manchester City midfielder can aim for a move to Spain. He is not getting enough playing time at the Etihad.

Furthermore, the England international has been an important part of the national team. He has been performing consistently at major competitions like the Euro Cup.

As Real Madrid are in the transitional phase at the moment, there’s a high probability that veterans like Toni Kroos and Luka Modric will be given less preference over young players like Bellingham and Valverde.

New addition to Bernabeu: if the rumours are true, is it important?

As we have already discussed that younger players are going to get more playing time. Madrid wants to let them get familiar with the playing style of the team. However, no player can be available for the whole season. Injuries will be there for sure. For these kind of circumstances, a proper backup is going to perform for the team.

According to therealchamps, the English midfielder has been impressive each and every time a chance is given to him. If he arrives to Madrid, there’s a strong possibility that he will be having a good time. Moreover, Philips has been playing for sometime under Pep Guardiola. So he comes with a better quality of experience.

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